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The knee is a complex joint made up of different structures - bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They all work together to maintain the knee’s normal function and provide stability to the knee during movement. Knee pain is a common condition affecting individuals of various age groups. It not only affects movement but also impacts your quality of life. An injury or disease of the knee joint or any structure surrounding the knee can result in knee pain. A precise diagnosis of the underlying cause is important to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Learn more about the various conditions affecting your knee and its treatment options.

  • ACL Reconstruction
    ACL Reconstruction

    The ACL is reconstructed using a graft. A tunnel is drilled in the tibia and femur in the anatomic location of the ACL and the graft is fixed in the tunnels with screws.

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  • Multi-ligament Knee Reconstruction
    Multi-ligament Knee Reconstruction

    Most multi-ligament knee injuries require surgery to restore stability to the knee. Once swelling is acceptable, all knee ligaments are repaired or reconstructed. Typically allograft tissue is used with or without internal bracing

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  • Knee Cartilage Restoration
    Knee Cartilage Restoration

    Sometimes osteotomy, ligament reconstruction, or meniscus transplant are needed

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  • Revision ACL Reconstuction
    Revision ACL Reconstuction

    Dr. Gamradt may recommend a Lemaire Iliotibial band tenodesis or Anterolateral ligament reconstruction to augment the procedure and decrease the chances of another revision

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  • ACL Repair
    ACL Repair

    In a tibial eminence fracture the ACL is repaired down to the fracture bed in the tibia using sutures

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  • Knee Osteotomy
    Knee Osteotomy

    Arthritis is an extremely common condition that develops in the knee over time most often due to wear and tear on the knee joint. Arthritis results in a loss of articular cartilage, the gliding surface of the knee. This results in a progressive roughening of the surfaces within the knee. Pain and swelling results, especially with increased activity.

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  • MENISCUS SURGERY: Meniscus repair Partial meniscectomy
    Meniscus repair Partial meniscectomy

    Tears in the thick part of the meniscus can often bee repaired

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